Go ahead write something. Yeah that’s great. We’re an undead lot of breathers aren’t we? So what if I’m not nice about my language? I believe in taking liberty. My first amendment right. Isn’t it? Yeah well I probably will like you if you don’t care to be antagonistic in your ways of calling me an antagonist, won’t I? Yep. You don’t know my story. It might be an excruciatingly large story, and how would you know? Plus why the hell would you care? Probably not and I don’t care. All I care about is that there really is a community that continues to make a place for the mind to stay open. There was that all that bad? On but what of censorship? Well we need to be watching out for the innocent young little minds! Oh sure right and that’s another big fat MAYBE…life based on maybes, how wonderful that is, NOT. Doesn’t live in the present anyway. Thing is how do you think you’re are so sure of ANYTHING? What you think your darling child is going to grow up and take good care of you when you’re a feeble little idiot all frail. Oh you’ll teach them to come by every once in a couple of years and bring you some Christmas cookies and rotty egg nog, little pecks on the cheek and check to see if your life insurance papers are in order. Hmmm is that how it’s going to be? Yes I believe so at the very best of your brainwashing techniques passed down generation after generation. Bunch of unfinished human product! How in fact do you know exactly that your little angel won’t grown up with some GMO brain imbalance and just before they turn eighteen they decide to shoot both parents while wearing latex gloves placing the gun in suspected mannequined positions. Then 4 months later collect the life insurance and their off to party…if they can figure out how to do that for the rest of their natural days.

Ok so punk is dead? Hmmm right yeah that’s because well you had a real bright idea of what that was to begin with…probably something you saw on MTV er er VHI or it was on a t-shirt in Hot Topic, oh my…huh right? What’s DEAD really is all the forms of marketing as we know it! that’s what’s dead. dumbshit! Oh well sure lets market punk isn’t that it. You don’t really believe you can convince yourself of anything. That’s the real truth…when nothing that has to do with words makes the truth anyhow. Marketing whether it’s for quote/ unquote punk this or that, music, clothes (fart sound) is and has always been about business trends equals profit, Quantum profits.
The real point is I want to meet you. See what you making! Let’s start a new war. A punk war on the as is beige economy. You make shit. You sell it…you live under theĀ  radar of Quantum Profits for the few and you get to be content to be yourself. SUNdays at the College of the Desert streetfair. Look for the Identity Undefined booth. Let’s talk about getting you started! And we just might bring our own shoppers too.



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